From a one man show to a team of now 13!

Primer, oh Primer what a great trip so far

Around this time exactly 2 years ago Primer was no longer a one man show, so how did that start and why was that necessary?

At the start of Primer I was still giving full-time parkour training for Cirkus in Beweging in Leuven. In that way everything started as something on the side, an extra next to my full time job.

Monday to Friday I gave Parkour from 16h30-22h before and after there were personal coaching slots and every day from 18-20h I had time off for Power Pop Ups.

On Saturday and Sunday there was a similar combo.

In other words, every day there were two Power Pop Ups, one at 6pm and one at 7pm. It's crazy to think about this when you know that at the moment we average between 8 and 11 Power Pop Ups a day. At that time there were only 2 concepts, which have since become about 10 and there are always more.

Anyway, at the time we were regularly asked if we could do a Power Pop Up that starts a bit later, because I think it's epic, but I can't make it to 8pm.... Well then...


There was one guy who was really the most motivated guy ever, he could almost give the Power Pop Ups himself... Svekke, full of energy, enthusiasm and definitely ALWAYS present!

Not much later, the question arose whether Svekke would consider giving an extra hour for the people who could only come later...

I couldn't have found anyone better to pull the Power Pop Ups with and was very pleased when he answered with 'We're on our way!

BAM suddenly I was no longer alone, but more importantly, thanks to this great guy more people could now enjoy the carefree exercise and fun during the Power Pop Ups. Mega credits to this amazing topper for that! The Primer was able to become what it is today in large part because of you man!


That summer we got to know Andrew (Rubi) really well, he came to train more and more often @ Primer and was the next topper to join our team. In the meantime we had become a small group, which was great! The summer is always a calmer period and it was really ideal to get everything working for our 'new' group on point. Andrew was the man who was always ready to do anything, on top of being an exercise expert and mega talented powerlifter!

Once the summer was over, there was of course a period of building up to a lot of new people, concepts, equipment, space, ... On the administrative level, it all started to become a lot to handle on my own.


Lise Van Oost, words are not enough to describe what you have already done for Primer. Truly not normal this woman, what a hardworking jack-of-all-trades. In a short time Lise was able to quit her previous job and started full time at Primer as my right hand man, not easy.

Her job description was the most obscure ever, she did just about everything that needed to be done to make Primer what it is today.

In the meantime, things have become a lot clearer, but without a doubt she is and will remain the "female" face of Primer and if she deserves it, what a top madame.

For those who are still in doubt, Lisa is my sister and not my girlfriend.

Svekke, Rubi, Lisa and Jasper

As a fun group of 4, everything grew faster and faster and it was immediately time for our first official 'Primer seeks additional team members' post on social media.

Instant really great response, that was the first time people actually approached us that we didn't know.

So blissful to notice that people really WANT to be part of our team.

Florien and J├╝rgen

A great combo of female enthusiasm and the calmness and control that a man can bring: that was Flokko and de Nys! A creative jack-of-all-trades from the Vloanders and ne Metcon Master from Malinois, what a team. With the arrival of these stunners, we could really talk about Team Primer. We were no longer a group, but really a team, fun!

The Jo

The start of the great new year we were just able to start together with the Jo. Someone who non stop shows the very best version of herself @ Primer! In other words, we just started 2019 as a team of 7. Meanwhile, we are 13, so what happened next?

Lode, Eline and Simon

All of us have busy lives and almost all of us have a full time job on top of that. Not easy to combine everything, but at the same time the Primer continues to grow and more and more people discover this awesome concept. Extra concepts, new teaching moments, even full days that were filled, ... Time for extra support and positive addition to this already mega awesome team.

More or less simultaneously or very shortly after each other, we were joined with great pleasure by Lode, Eline and Simon, again 3 absolute top-notch people. A mix of people we already knew and absolutely not yet, very nice. Meanwhile, we noticed how it was not always easy to meet up with everyone.

Everyone has a separate agenda and for almost no one the Primer was really a main occupation. This presented an interesting challenge for the whole Primer team, but we also continued to grow as a team. Chilling and hanging out together, taking courses together, going to Germany together, buying each other birthday presents, ... People who didn't know each other yet or didn't know each other well yet became real friends and also outside Primer, there was much more between the team.

Jolien, Karolien and Laurens

As icing on the cake and slowly coming to the end of this blog was Jolien, who in the meantime has her own physiotherapy business @ Primer, what a woman! Enthusiasm and energy for 1393013 men, not normal. Also Karolien someone with so much expertise, found her second home here. What a bliss to have you as a member in our team as well.

Last but not least de Lau, every morning in a good mood, completely passionate about helping people. The pure pleasure of teaching and helping people to the next level drives you. You too became an instant crazy addition to the team.

Of course I can't adequately express the thanks from myself and all of Primer to you, but still to everyone an incredibly sincere merci because what a great story that is guys!

The weekly comments about how awesome this place is give us all so much positive energy even when things get a little more difficult. BIG LOVE!

Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like EP4: De waarde van een top team! See you soon!

Team Primer

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