How crazy is team Primer?!

So here's a short story that illustrates a bit about how crazy Team Primer is.

Until the end of last summer, the Primer location was in Hal5 (wonderful times), a great community project in Kessel-Lo. We were sitting there on about 120m2 (now we have about 420m2) which was quite a bit smaller.

During the summer there was suddenly the opportunity to stay in the large hall.

Specifically, we were given the opportunity to rent the large hall (350m2), BUT the downside was... only for 17 days. What would most people think, oy oy oy, that's not worth it.... never mind. Did Primer have to think long about it, not really, crazy as we are we couldn't let this opportunity pass so it was a yes.

 On July 14, there was Camping Flamingo in the main hall in Hal5 until 6 pm. From then on the hall was empty and we could rent it. On 1/08 there was another event and we had to get the hall back as if no one had ever been there. WHUT!?

So said and done, we sent out a message to all the teachers and Open Gymmers, we are going to move the Primer.... To where!? To the big room next door.... For how long!? Of course people declared us a bit crazy and rightly so. We just really like being crazy too.

Around 16h that day at Camping Flamingo we started preparing and around 18h we could finally enter the main hall. We banged on non stop with a great team of helping hands. Lise made delicious chili and of course there was free Nocco for everyone, that way we could finish just before midnight and finish the details the day after.

For this freaked out move we ordered a little over 5 tons of extra equipment. A much larger space and especially the prospect of moving to the Vaart where we had this space anyway, made this a logical choice. Everything went completely without a hitch, until the material arrived.... It was a bit more in volume than expected. IKEA for the advanced, so in addition to the move we also received an incredible amount of unpacking and assembly help from all sides.

We laughed, cursed, had fun and most of all we enjoyed ourselves unbelievably. Putting the finishing touches on the 'I' took a little longer than expected, but the result was definitely worth it! A big thank you to everyone who has been part of this crazy move in any way, shape or form.

 Moral of the story, we with Team Primer will go to great lengths to go nonstop for the most optimal version. Even if that requires some crazyness on a regular basis. Second moral of the story, we have really created an incredible community that even we could not dream of. The amazing movement we can create time and time again for things like this crazy move is just really wonderful. Here's to many more incredible opportunities and possibilities and in the meantime cheers!

Biggest thank you evaaaaah to all these toppers!

Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like EP10: Screw It Let's Do It! or EP25: De positieve focus op wat wel nog kan! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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