How do I teach online classes?

For us, there was no doubt from the beginning.... Primer stands for vibez, sociability and above all QUALITY. One of the reactions we often get when someone comes to us for the first time is 'wow, I've never been so corrected before during a workout'. 

One of the reactions when someone already has a lot of Primer experience is 'crazy how you guys keep giving such good feedback and direction'. So we didn't hesitate for a moment... Our workouts happen live! With real feedback and corrections in the moment, like in the Primer itself.

So in the first place we had to look for the right platform for this. I myself receive personal calls from my coach via the video call system 'ZOOM', so that was the first thing to investigate. 3, 2, 1 leeeeeeet's go!

ZOOM - Free or subscription based?

There are 2 versions of Zoom, the free version and a paying version. That's the first crucial choice to make.

The free version allows you to run a maximum of 40', which is why we chose to start with 30' workouts. It took us a while to find a fully online system, so this was definitely the ideal start.

If you want participants to come into your class on time, you need to open the meeting at least 10 minutes before the start. This way, people who join for the first time can take some extra time to solve any problems that may arise.

At your first meeting with the free version, ZOOM will give you a gift, which allows your first meeting to run without limits. Handy for you to test out for yourself. After the first session you will receive a clock 10 minutes before the end of the session that will give you the remaining time. This is a bit stressful when you are still a bit uncertain about the timing (and how to keep everything running smoothly).

We therefore opted after the first test immediately for the paid version, comes to about 16 euros / month and in my opinion if you want to run several classes certainly worth the investment. 

You can run your class unlimited, in addition, there are a number of other benefits that we are currently still fully investigating.

The physical set-up...

For the quality of the sound during the lesson, it is best to work with earphones or headphones. This way, you will stay clearly audible at all times, regardless of whether you are close or far from your cell phone/laptop.

We also bought a small tripod which ensures that the coach is fully visible, which is of course important when you are practicing!

Daarnaast werk je best ook met een laptop waarmee je je eigen meeting kan joinen. Op dit groter scherm kan je dan alle deelnemers tegelijk zien, wat het veel makkelijker maakt om feedback te geven. Intussen is onze laptop set-up verbonden met een beamer, waardoor we iedereen nog groter/beter kunnen zien.

Last but not least zorg je voor een eigen plekje van waaruit je volledig zichtbaar bent. Zorg er ook voor dat je de deelnemers hun camera zo goed mogelijk laat zetten zodat je de nodige live correcties goed en gericht kan doorgeven.

The virtual set-up

To start a session, you create a ZOOM meeting with your cell phone. Click on 'New Meeting' and you will see a code at the top of your screen. On your laptop, click on 'Join' and enter this code and choose 'don't connect to audio' and 'turn off my video'. You are now in your own meeting as a kind of ghost spectator. Enlarge your screen and click on 'Gallery View' in the upper right corner. If participants join later you will be able to see them all on your laptop screen.

To invite people to your meeting you have a few options. We are happy to explain here the option that works best for us:

-Click on 'Participants' and then 'Invite'. 

-Click on 'Copy URL'.

-You can then copy this link into your own registration system so that you can send the link to all participants to join the class.

One by one you will see participants arrive, it sometimes takes a while for both their audio and video to be connected, but we have never had any problems with this.

The course of a lesson

People come in somewhat in turns, so you will be able to greet everyone calmly and welcome them into the class. Once all participants are present, we ask everyone to mute themselves. To do this, you push on the microphone, that way you as the teacher are the only one audible.

You can quietly do the main explanation and ask to give a thumbs up if everyone is on board. People who do not understand something or have an important question can unmute themselves.

Once everyone is muted and you are talking/teaching, you are non stop on the screen of the participants. No one will be distracted and only hear and see you.

Pro tip: build up both in lesson time and in number of participants. That way, you as a teacher can get used to the system and you reduce the step for the people who are somewhat skeptical of the system.

Our experience so far as a teacher

1. Once you have mastered the right set up and steps, the system works KEY GOOD, both as a teacher and for the participants.

2. You see the names on your overview, so as a teacher you can easily address everyone.

3. When you give feedback, make sure you say the name first and only then the tip, so that the person in question is extra attentive.

4. Teach yourself to turn and work with the camera angles to better show/explain certain things.

5. Provide drinking breaks, where everyone can unmute themselves, like in class you can have a nice chat and check if everyone is ok.

6. Mute everyone back during the explanation and the workout itself, so everyone can choose to put on their own background music.

7. Put your workout and the important things to share next to your camera, no one will see that it is there and you have a perfect reminder.

Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP22: BoardX, Meer Dan Een Surf & Snow Organisatie! Or EP35: De Dag voor de nieuwe outdoor versoepelingen, komop! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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