Screw it, let's do it!

As an entrepreneur, you learn sooo much during these Corona times.

Perhaps better said ... You can learn SO much during these challenging times, but you must be open to it.

Occasionally it is important to think a little more: "Screw it, let's do it" to quote Richard Branson.

It is best to start doing something you enjoy doing. Something in which you can develop a lot of your own expertise.

And that is something that happens much less nowadays. Everything must be directly related to money, entrepreneurship is thinking beyond that.

The business has to run well, don't get me wrong. Every once in a while, it's okay to think more, 'is it going to pay off right now?' No idea, but fuck it, we're just doing it!

I think that's where a good entrepreneur can just stand out. Again, the business has to keep running well, so revenue and money are important. Apart from that, it's just interesting to do something once in a while that you don't know will yield anything. Those are risks you have to take.

For example, our Outdoor Gym! Investing in a shipping container and a roof is not what I expected 5 years ago as a gym owner. A good 3 months ago I stood before that choice ... to do or not? Then I really thought: screw it, let's do it! Was I 100% sure that at that moment it would yield something? No.

Am I going to stand still and wait? Hell NO! That's not why I started my own business. The reason is to make your own choices, to have freedom and to move things forward in the positive direction.

You can gain so much experience and expertise in any situation. Does that have to involve money directly at this point? I don't think so. I think it's important to gain experience that will give you something later on.

That's what the Outdoor Gym definitely does! All over Belgium we're now even more known as the place to come for outdoor gymnastics. From Limburg, Antwerp, Ghent, ... people really cross Belgium to come Outdoor Gym @ Primer.

Let's put the phrase 'screw it let's do it' into practice a little more once in a while, of course with the notion that we don't harm anyone else by doing so. Interested in how we do it? Then download our F*cking Focus E-book!

Thanks for reading this and I hope it was inspiring for you.

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