Trends are we better off following them or not?

Make sure you take a look like Lode in the photo before you jump on a trend and read the following short article.

Almost daily we are tagged in videos showing the latest fitness trends.

From bouncing trampolines and harnesses with bungee stretchers to the latest program from I don't know which famous insta model....

In the meantime, so much has been reviewed but we're still far from there.

A trend in the short run is usually about making a lot of money quickly not necessarily results.

So which ones do you follow and which ones don't?

Instead of asking yourself which trends should I follow, ask yourself which things are and will stay in the game?

If you focus on those, of course the results will follow much more than picking up on trends every time (temporarily).

There are a lot of things in the exercise landscape that have been around for a very long time, that should be your base of everything!

Strength training, for example, has been in the game for a very long time and should without a doubt form the basis of your training. Outside of that, you can of course pick up on trends from time to time, but do so mainly for fun.

Make sure that your number 1 source of activity is not a trend, but that the trend is just a nice addition to your other (permanent) training.

Short piece on a question I get asked quite frequently.

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