Welcome to the newest Power pop Up concept: The Metcon

A Power Pop Up that combines the best of both worlds. A lot of detail to technique, the right movement and coaching with a strong Metabolic Conditioning at the end of it

Sounds confusing?

How does it work?

-Warm Up: Power Pop Up Style

-Technique: This part takes about 15 minutes and givesyou the time to focus on 1or more techniques (which techniques we focus on will be on the white board)

-Strength/workout: The approach here is like the pump The workout is predetermined, but everything is done on your own pace.

-Metcon: The last part of the workout is a real tuff one. the objective here is to challenge yourself and push yourself, but still maintain a correct form. Go hard, bite through the pain and keep on going!

Elke Metcon zal anders zijn. Verschillen in techniek, kracht en Metcon blok zijn dus zeker en vast mogelijk.

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