My name is Eva. I am a dietitian by training and work out regularly at Primer in Leuven. As a nutrition expert, I am interested in what food does to our bodies. But the combination of nutrition and exercise also piques my interest. 

My goal? To help people find a healthy lifestyle and a healthy eating habit that suits them, without focusing on diets. You see, when you say "diet" you immediately think of eating "less" or "not being allowed" to eat certain foods. Such a vision puts healthy living and losing weight in a false light. 

During my internship I helped people to lose weight through a healthy lifestyle. My patients never really felt like they were on a diet. But they did see the results. 

After my studies I specialized in diabetes education. Nutrition and diabetes interest me immensely. Finally, during self-study, I immersed myself in the combination of nutrition-exercise.

  • Nutrition and dietetics (2018, UCLL, Leuven) 

o Diabetes education (2019, Erasmus University College, Brussels)

Who can I guide?
  • Children, adolescents, elderly 
  • Pregnant women 
  • Athletes 
  • People with ideas about alternative diets (vegetarianism, veganism, ...)

Patients with conditions and/or therapies such as:

o Diabetes type 1 

o Diabetes type 2

o Weight problems: overweight and obesity

o Cardiovascular diseases

o Digestive disorders 

o Eating and swallowing disorders 

o Kidney disorders 

o Allergies and intolerances 

o Cancer 

o ....

What do the consultations involve? 

During the first consultation I assess the care needs: eating and living habits and expectations. I also do a body analysis, by measuring weight, height, fat mass, muscle mass, abdominal girth and Body Mass Index. 

Together with you I will look for a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored to your needs. In doing so, we look together at possible alternatives and set achievable goals together. The first consultation takes about one hour.

During the second consultation the dietary advice is fully discussed. Afterwards there is a first evaluation. Where did things go difficultly or smoothly? Are adjustments needed or not? After all, the nutritional advice must be fully tailored to your needs. You get the personally prepared schedule with accompanying tips to take home. The body measurement is also carried out again. This way a follow-up analysis can be given. This consultation takes about 30 minutes.

The follow-up consultations are mainly intended to offer you good guidance in changing your eating habits. During these consultations, difficulties are discussed and other topics are explored in depth. What to do during holidays, at a restaurant, on vacation, ...?

How do I make an appointment?
  • 0492 62 12 66
Price list
  • First consultation: €50 
  • Second consultation: €30 
  • Follow up consultation: €25 

Partial reimbursement through your health insurance is possible, ask for it during your appointment.


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