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What's ‘POC’?
Personal coaching is already an established concept at Primer, but for some of us it's impossible to get to this locatie at the right time. You want to train on the moment that suits you best.

You don't exactly know what to do? How to start? Do I have good technique? What's my motivation? What if I do something wrong?

With this concept we want to bridge the gap between Personal Coaching and Open Gym without guidance.


Who fits in the ‘POC’ concept?

  • People that do Open Gym in or outside Primer Academy.
  • People that need extra guidance towards a specific goal.
  • People who feel demotivated in training and want an extra push.
  • People that like to train but have no clue what they're doing.


How does this ‘POC’ concept work?

  1. You fill in a personal questionnaire.
  2. We do an optional video call.
  3. With this info we create a personal training plan.
  4. You place videos in a WhatsApp group and receive feedback on them.

Investment: Check 'Prices & More'

Do you want the right guidance, overload, progression & motivating workouts?

Is it hard for you to come to the gym at a fixed moment?

Stop hesitating and ask for more info!

Not enought info yet or a specific question? Contact us through:

0496 87 75 08
Kolonel Begaultlaan 79-81, 3012 Wilsele

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Online Coaching

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