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3 BIG CONCEPTS (New big concept COMING SOON)


1. Primer Personal Coaching is a unique concept in Leuven that stands for building a base layer. A base layer to keep building upon in a specific sport or to keep building on the optimal version of yourself. We always work one on one (1 hour) to bring you to the next level.
investment: Feel free to mail for an appointment or for more information.

2. POWER POP UP next to personal coaching we also have a very established concept "POWER POP UP". The group classes run every evening and combine the core principles of strength and conditioning in an lively group atmosphere. Check Power Pop Up for more information & enroll through the Power Pop Up enrollment. First class is on us, in other words, it's FREE!
investment: 99 euro for  11 sessions NOTE this card is strictly personal and is valid for 4 months from the first payment or first class!
subscription 270/3 months for unlimited PPU pleasure. this means no worries, just sign up and get your workout done!
--> make a bank transfer on ACCOUNT BE25 3631 7403 1982 mention: "first name, last name and Power Pop Up

3.PRIVATE GYM Primer academy also offers an option to train by yourself. the concept though is private, which means not everyone can just walk in and train on your own. don't hesitate to drop in or just send us an email if you want some more info!

if this information wasn't enough or you're still hanging on that one specific question, don't hesitate to send us an email at 

PRIMER is continuing to grow a lot. The name primer was inspired by the first raw layer you use as a foundation on which you can continuously build on. Primer stands for continuity and constant growth. Want to be part of this unique and dynamic concept, don't hesitate! 


0496 87 75 08

Locomotievenstraat Hal5, 3010 Kessel-Lo

better by the day

PRIMER - Lay The Foundation -

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