& Power Pop Up

Are you looking for a well thought and challenging group class in Leuven?
guided sports in an inspiring en motivating surrounding?

Primer is much more than your average gym, we're a unique gym that provides strength and conditioning that is accessible yet challenging for every level.
Here at primer we offer personal training, group classes or your own training.

Wether it's powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, calisthenics or any other form oof training. We build our"free training" culture around the athletes. A tight community where "learning from each other " is central.

Feel free to contact us for a try out! 


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Primer raster

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Haal meer uit je training en krijg sneller resultaat is hier de rode draad. Deze sessie wordt gegeven door een ervaren coach en hormoonexpert, ze leert jou hoe je fysiek en mentaal sterker wordt. Getting more out of your training and achieving quicker results are headlines here. This session is given by an experienced coach and hormone expert, she'll teach you how to become not only physically but also mentally stronger

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The Metcon

A training that combines strength and cardio in a challenging groupsetting. This concept leans towards crosstraining. The emphasis is technique and control of movements, after that comes the competing aspect

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On Tour

The same tested and proved Power Pop Ups, but you can chose the location. motivating and thoughtthrough groupclasses with personal coaching. Only in Leuven? Not necessarily, on tour means that we work on location, just tell us!

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The Pump

Personal coaching in small groups with a personal program for everyone. The focus will be on either mass and strength or slimming down if your focus is on tightening your body.

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The Sweat

The concept 'sweat' stands for high intensity training focussed on improving your condition. Cardio equipment gets alternated with core strengthening exercises. You will definitely sweat!

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The Booty

the focus is 100% on the lower body. Not your classic bodyweight squats and lunges, but the real deal! Strong lower body and booty pump guaranteed!

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The Pro

A lot of different exercises, with more equipment and body weight. With this one you can more accurately achieve your personal training goal.

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The Regular One

The baby that started it all. Basic entry level for literally everyone! challenging on your own level. even for the ultimate pros!

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