YESSSSIR, it is time....


That's setting new PR's on all three powerlifts, weightlifting or cross training in the sun, feeling the wonderful pump again and chasing non stop, cardio flames or booty building?

A few months ago I was constantly in the struggle of whether or not to invest in an outdoor gym (and create the option for everyone to come back to Open Gym). It was really ni simple and from time to time there is still doubt, but the thought: 'fok dees, that's really just our duty' has fortunately won!

Investing in a sea container and a roof was really a giant leap for us, sometimes I still think: 'was/is that the right choice'. Fortunately, I think much more often:


What is the result? An amazing community of 59 mega happy people who are having a blast in our indoor & outdoor Open Gym! So there is more than enough room for you and your friends.

My best advice for you? Stop killing your gainz and finally get back to doing what you've always loved doing! Enjoy the gym on your own or with some friends!

EXTRA ADVANTAGE? You can do it outside in the sun!

After many conversations with many different people, I notice one thing that comes back very often ... we all focus too much on the negative. It is true that we cannot train indoors yet, it is true that we cannot do everything we want...

Well CUT THE BULLSHIT and focus on what is still possible! Outdoor Gym and plenty of (back) gainz!

A wonderful outlet, a place where you like to come to build your health and personal happiness.

Are you really tired of not being able to train properly? Are you really tired of push-ups and bodyweight exercises? Are you sick of my gainz, I really want them back?

Well we've got you covered!

Do you want to:

-Train (again) with real equipment

-Finally start powerlifting?

-Work on your body goals?

Turn off your mind and de-stress?

-raise together with your friends or training buddies?

Then our Open Gym is something for you!

We provide the most awesome gym you can imagine, the best equipment, mega flexible opening hours, the friendliest community ever and always sunshine (if it rains, we have a roof).

Start now with a one month subscription and keep the flexibility to cancel monthly, but please stop killing your gainz!

Seriously, one month... what do you have to lose anyway? Your gainz, hehe! Summer is coming, the period we all look forward to... The ideal time to start was yesterday, but that's already passed.... The second most ideal moment is today, so grab your chance!

Start now (or again) with the thing you've been looking forward to for SO long. You deserve the best outdoor gym evah! 


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