Primer opens in 23 locations!

There's no place like Primer, it obviously brings us enormous joy to read this phrase several times a day, butrrrr what if Primer is no longer available because of?

We make the best of it, there's no place like Primer and there's no place like home.... cold turkey? More or less... What had to be done to get this phase on point? What equipment was available? From rack to dumbell to bar, plate, plyo box, echo bike, ... literally for every piece of equipment we had a question.

Let's open the Primer again in 23 places all over Belgium!

Again a full excel file with all the equipment and the daily prices, contracts and some prepared instagram skillzzzzzz, we certainly learned from the previous lockdown! A tad faster than Tomorrowland's ticketsale, that's how it went at Primer. At literally minutes, 90% of the material was on pre-order!

All pre-orders received the material they requested, on top of that we were able to help a few others and BAM there's no place like Primer @ Home!

We are pleased to give you an overview of all the new mini Primers distributed throughout Belgium below!

Left Vincent - Primer - Leuven


Right Tom - Primer - Leuven

Left Team Claerman - Primer - Leuven 

Right Stanley - No Primer - Limburg

Left Stamo - No Primer - Gent

Right Simo - Primer - Leuven

Left Siemen - No Primer - Leuven

Right Kristiaan & Sandra - Primer - Leuven

Left Piet - No Primer - Leuven

Right Philippe - No Primer - Antwerpen

Left Nathan - Primer - Leuven

Right Mohamed - No Primer - Leuven

Left Marieke - Primer - Leuven

Right Maarten - Primer - Leuven

Left Lode - Primer - Leuven

Right Liam - No Primer - Leuven

Left Laurens - No Primer - Limburg

Right Junior - No Primer - Leuven

Left Gertjan - No Primer - Leuven

Right Ellen - Primer - Leuven

Left Christian - No Primer - Limburg

Right Jolien - Primer - Leuven

Ali - Primer - Limburg

"Train your mind to see the good in every situation"

With this motto, we embarked on the COVID-19 adventure once again. 

You're welcome guys, you're welcome!

Now we are looking forward to the reopening!

Love Lise and Jasper

Would you like even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP25: De positieve focus op wat wel nog kan!, or EP35: De Dag voor de nieuwe outdoor versoepelingen, komop!, come on! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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