The Regular One

The "normal" Power Pop Up

in this workout we're working on 5 basic movements (squat, bridge, plank, push up and band pull apart).
this is without a doubt the entry level of the PPU and at the same time an everlasting winner.
a circuit training where you keep repeating the same movements for an hour Is boring.. Not when you're doing the PPU. the exercises remain the same, but the way you do them change. That way everyone can perfectly follow the training, but you can make your training very challenging. the exercises get switched up by in betweeners (come and find out what it is).

Why change a winning team?
You can progress from 1 PPU concept to another of just stay with this old but goody.
by following this PPU you'll become crazy good at these 5 basic movements.
You'll learn a lot about moving and your own body. Do you need a strong Primer layer? (yep that's where the name comes from) This one is for you!

Don't know where to start or rather have a more personal approach? send us a mail for some extra information at

The Regular One

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