"Still notice that thanks to the patient build-up and the good basis you aimed for from the start, I pick up new things more easily and also have the drive to strive for them and work for them to be carried out well. Even if all of that doesn't work out right away. Knowing that so much comes from afar and that it's all possible anyway is the best school I've had in terms of training!"


"I just did an outdoor class and I want to say that it was really cool! How good that can do, just what I needed!"


"You are really a huge asset to Belgian powerlifting!"


"Just had a blissful 'fatburning on demand' in the morning sun!"


"When I saw earlier that there were only 2 of us for the 8:15 pm training, I honestly expected an email saying that it would not take place (which I would have understood perfectly)... But that email did not come, and so we have had a very good duo-session with Svekke: super thanks for that!

I also notice - after a few months of weak motivation - that I'm starting to find pleasure in regular training again, and your positivism and unremitting commitment are a lot part of that."


"I have the luxury of being able to use the practice and seclude myself for the sports class. But really so much admiration and respect for all those people who push aside chairs and couches, moms who push aside baby carriages and boxes in the garage just to claim their sports moment anyway. Online is not everything, but everyone is in the same boat and I actually find that so clean to see!

So you can see how much exercise means to feel good. Have really learned since I started with you guys."


Very cool that shorter, 'personal' podcast, really gives a 'human' feel to the podcasts. Way to go!


I've wanted to let you know for a while how much I've been enjoying the workouts the last few weeks! Love, love love! Perfect mix of lifting/crossfit/functional fitness, exactly what I like to do, what feels good, what I need and gets me closer to my goals!!!

Thanks for always tailoring the workouts to my needs and also being so flexible with a mix of workouts at home and in the Primer. It's nice that we can train back at the Primer but also convenient sometimes to be able to do something at home when I don't have time to come to the Primer. The online programming really makes my life a little better because I have to spend less time scheduling workouts, so more time for the workouts themselves and at the same time I am so flexible in when and where I train.


My god!!! Did the metcon on Tuesday, this is day 2 that I can't step anymore! However, two months I continued to exercise a lot but mainly walking. Conclusion: Primer is a very good addition to a daily cardio workout! What is it with that say...!



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