3 Mistakes when looking for a personal trainer!

The 3 most common mistakes when looking for a personal trainer

With these super concrete tips, I'd like to help you recognize your ideal personal trainer, because let's face it.... these days, there are a lot of people in the fitness world who are personal trainers or at least claim to be.

Since our mission at Primer is to help people as best we can on an exercise level, it would be criminal not to inform you about this.

1. Asking about studies, diplomas and certificates

Studies and diplomas can give a very distorted picture. A personal trainer is there to guide you in the right way during your workout. Nowadays you can be perfectly certified as a personal trainer without having any experience in real life. The theoretical knowledge and case studies that you cover during training are often of very little value.


Passion and lifelong learning. Look for a personal trainer where you clearly experience during a conversation that this person is overflowing with passion about his/her profession. This passion will automatically lead to lifelong learning and then you will find someone who really makes a difference for you! Exercising under the right guidance is invaluable.

2. Size of the organization, price or number of 'customers

A second fallacy that is easily made is assuming that more people means a higher price and/or a larger organization is directly connected to higher quality.


How long has the organization been in existence? Are there people who have been "customers" for this entire time? Ask them, why exactly there? Quality is much more connected to the number of persistent or long-term customers. Ask these clients (if any) specifically for their honest opinion of the personal trainer in question, this will give you a lot of valuable info.

3. It looks fun and super variable

Training - and I use the word training specifically - should be fun, don't get me wrong. A personal trainer falls through the cracks for me if there is no long-term plan and everything is based on very pleasurable and especially super variable workouts. However fun it may be to do something different every time, that is by definition not a workout and will therefore not provide you with the right results.


Your personal trainer must have a clear long-term focus. There must be the ability to measure or experience progress. A certain level of consistency is indispensable. In addition, of course, it is the job of a personal trainer to ensure that you can maintain the workouts, so it should certainly not become unpleasant.


In summary, a good personal trainer is someone who is overflowing with passion and, above all, wants to learn on a lifelong basis. Your trainer must be able to identify people who have been working out with him/her for a long time and have achieved the right results. Finally, your coach must be able to present a clear long-term plan. Workouts are not workouts and therefore need a certain amount of consistency. It must remain fun, but too many games and too much variation will ensure that the results do not come.

After all, you invest in yourself, in return you want to be helped in a professional way by a personal trainer.


What if this investment in yourself is not possible or you miss the social-fun aspect of personal training? Then look for quality guided group classes. How best to recognize these you will read in a subsequent blog!

Thanks for your valuable time, good luck with finding the right personal trainer and see you soon.

Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP19: Help me! Where can I play workout! See you soon!

Team Primer

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