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How to find the right gym?

How do you get the most results as fast as possible? A question I've heard thousand and one times in my coaching career...The craziest thing is, I now have the right answer!

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The most and yet least popular word in the health world, but I can tell you with 100% certainty it is the absolute truth! Let's assume that you already knew this or that you trust me to be right. The question remains, how do I achieve consistency?

Simple make sure ye work out at the right gym....

We like to take credit in the quote: Primer, the gym where you WANT to work out instead of having to work out.

Feel free to fill in another gym in the place of 'Primer', but check the points below anyway, because that's the key to success!

What are the points that make a gym where you WANT to work out?

1. Location:

This of course depends on whether you take live or online classes. A big advantage of the current situation is that many gyms have started to offer online classes, making it possible to follow along from wherever you want.

@Primer we have a very extensive online offer and what we see is that people come from everywhere to follow our online classes. We now have members in Limburg, Antwerp, the coast, there are even members from abroad and all of this is Corona Proof!

2. The Passion:

Far too often people look purely at what diploma a coach has and I find that complete bullshit. I'll drop a firm statement right away, but in many cases a diploma says nothing about the person, the knowledge and especially not about the passion.

The passion with which someone does something. Passion ensures that someone lifelong learning and that is much more important than the initial diploma that someone has obtained. If you are looking for consistency then really look for something or someone with passion!

3. The Long lasting clients:

Don't look at the size or membership of a gym but rather look at the number of members who have been training there for a long time. "The long lasting clients". Why have they chosen this place for so long. They tell a lot more about a gym than its size. Let's hear them out, why are they as gigantic hardcore fans? Have they found consistency thanks to this place?

4. The Structured Workouts:

A workout should obviously be fun but structure is just as important. The only way sport really works is consistency and to sustain anything long-term there is a need for structure anyway. Are training sessions based on a larger plan or is it always just some wet finger work?

5. Coaching vs. mentoring:

What exactly is the difference? Coaching means that you help someone and that you try to make them structurally better. Coaching means that you are just there as a 'walking clock' or the person who counts down and encourages you. Take as an example an online class where your camera is not on.... To me, an online class without a camera is more like a guided class. In fact, you might as well put on a youtube video. Coaching is really an art. It's individual and tailor-made and that's very much the case with us. Coaching really asks to look at someone personally and check what goes wrong and what can be improved.

6. Giving Energy:

It is important that a lesson/session give energy and not take it away. This means that a lesson should be approached positively. You should naturally feel that the training in the long run IS GIVING energy. That you really feel healthier and better in life, more active and less tired.

7. Feedback and encouragement:

Check for yourself whether your coach is really giving feedback or just counting and saying you are doing well. It is important that the coach corrects your mistakes, whatever the level, everyone makes mistakes and everyone needs personal tips and feedback.


8. Progression and regression:

Regression is making a task easier, progression is making it harder. Everyone has their own level, if you can't exercise at your own level then consistency falls through the cracks. If it's too difficult, you quit without a doubt. If it is too easy, it quickly becomes very boring. Pro and regressions must therefore really be present or be able to be offered in order to achieve consistency!

9. Feeling good:

It may be that your place where you sport is super qualitative and really the best place in terms of skills in teaching and coaching, but that it is just for yourself a place where you do not feel good. You won't be able to keep that up either. That's really important if you work out somewhere... You have to feel really good in that place. I know that the Primer absolutely stands for quality in all areas, but I am also convinced that we are not the perfect match for everyone. If you don't feel the match, then you have to be honest about it (especially with yourself).

10. Constantly in Positive Motion:

Last but not least, you need to look at a gym/place (and this is very clear in these times), that is constantly improving itself. If ge yourself think: 'that's the same here for 2 years', then I think there is something missing there as well as a gym for you. It is important to be in a place where you feel that there is a positive outlook on the future. What challenges generally come our way and how does the business in question deal with them? Do they see the opportunities and focus on the positive or do they complain and zag? Do they slump and wait or do they just flail around? We belong to the latter, I hope your (sports) venue does too.

Take a very critical look at these points (be sure to do this for the Primer as a current member) and be honest with yourself. Do you still sport in the place where you really WANT to sport? Maybe you haven't found the ideal place to play sports yet?

Feel free to try out our online and outdoor classes for free! Maybe our outdoor Open Gym is something for you? Anyway, for any positive result... Go for consistency!

Who doesn't want fast results? Don't you? Start today thanks to our F*cking Focus E-Book!

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