Doggy Walks @Primer?

Dogs are more than welcome @ Primer that's a truism!

It's just great to see those cute dogs chilling and hanging out and enjoying the petting and attention, it's great!

Most of the time they just chill next to their owner who is working out or chill in the Booty'k where there are some other people, ...

Sometimes a dog is so active and playful that both are impossible, what happens then?

Well that's what this short story is about.

Some time ago, a girl came to exercise through the evening and had her dog with her.

She told us that she was moving house and that the house was already empty or at least the part where the dog was. When she wanted to leave, the dog was "being sad" so hard (because sometimes dogs do that very well) that she decided to take it anyway.

Once @ Primer she told her: 'he is very active, but really well behaved. If he would be too difficult, she would just take him home. I thought to myself how stupid would that be, want to exercise carefree, do good for your dog and end up doing both only half and half.

Anyway, the Power Pop Up started and I sat down to do some computer work with my new friend. Everything was pretty quiet until the dog in question started barking regularly. Dog whisperer as I am, I tried to quiet him down, but to no avail...

It went from barking a little to barking some more, so I decided to take it outside anyway.

Efficient as I am, I took my earphones with me so I could be productive while walking. We walked and played, hiked and most of all didn't get bored. The doggo had an epic evening walk, the lady in question was able to work out wonderfully carefree and I was able to make phone calls. Of those calls that were long overdue and recorded my first audio content, WIN WIN ofni either?

Regularly during the walk I went inside to reassure everyone that the dog was still alive and to show the dog that his boss was also still there of course. Another super pleasant experience @ Primer, thank you for that!

A few days later I received a bag with a 'thank you' card and chocolates. Merci you really shouldn't have gone for a walk, I would have gone home then'. Blessed that attention, but that was really really unnecessary. The core here is to let people exercise without worries and have a good time. As long as it is within our power, we will do EVERYTHING we can to provide this with great pleasure. 

Want even more Primer? Make sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP7: Morning walks or EP25: De positieve focus op wat wel nog kan See you soon! 

Team Primer

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