Instant productivity boost

Do you know the feeling that you don't have enough time to do everything you want to do?

You think to yourself, an extra 15 minutes would have been perfect. Well, maybe it's time to give your productivity a boost!

Personally, I did this by getting up earlier, alarm clock at 6 o'clock and getting up immediately. Every weekday at 6 am and on Saturday and Sunday at 8 am. You probably think that's completely crazy, but it's actually not that bad. The only thing you have to do is go to bed on time. 

You have sooooo much more time. Everyone is still asleep and that is a huge difference. That is also the main reason why I do it. Cell phones, mail, whatsapp,... remain silent for a full hour and that doesn't happen very often during the day. This ensures that I am very productive in the early hours.

It's really amazing what you can achieve by getting up half an hour, an hour or an hour and a half earlier. 

Again, getting up at 6 o'clock is not so crazy if you get into bed on time. You need a little bit of discipline, especially in the beginning, but it's not that crazy. So if you're up for it, I would say definitely try it out. You actually buy almost time, that's really crazy!

Say you say "I don't have my own business or I don't have to get up so early to go to work". What many people say is: "I should read more often but I never get around to it". Well, that's THE ideal time for that. Or exercise, I just really don't have time for that, another ideal morning activity!

Because learning and staying healthy or becoming healthy are interesting for everyone anyway so those are really recommended.

Start your morning without stress. Super super quiet, just at ease and by 7:30 am the first messages come in or maybe there is someone else with whom you live. That's mega chill, because your morning ritual can start at ease. Quietly having breakfast, drinking coffee, ...

What do you think now? I would say, give it a try and enjoy! Download our F*cking Focus E-book and find the 5 steps of Primer to boost your productivity!

Curious about more ways to boost your productivity? Then listen - maybe sometime in the morning - to our podcast STERK WERK.

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