Overnight oats?

Overnight Oats (Breakfast in a jar)

Waaaat are overnight oats and why is it so convenient?

Overnight literally means that your breakfast is left overnight. So you prepare your breakfast the night before. Super convenient if you know you are always in a hurry in the morning or skip breakfast for that reason. Overnight Oats is really the solution to this problem. You make your breakfast when you have time for it and can enjoy it when you are just short of time to make it differently.

The advantage is that you can be mega creative with this way of breakfast. Ideally, you have a jar that you can easily seal. This can be a very fancy jar but an old jam jar will do more than fine. There are a few options.... Do you like granola or rather oatmeal? Yogurt or milk? For me personally, the following combos are better: oatmeal and milk or granola and yogurt. This combo will keep the granola a little better crunchy and with the oatmeal you just have a delicious pasty like composition.

Dannnn flavors, how and what? That's obviously even more personal, but I would say, try as much as you can. You can literally layer or mix ingredients together completely to create a pasty beforehand. Chocolate, banana, peanut butter, super foods, fruit, ...

No more excuses now, prepping in the evening, fretting in the morning!

Breakfast for the win (especially overnight oats).

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Team Primer

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