Primer Booty'k!

How it all started and where it will all end? 

Primer Booty'k was born out of the cozy vibes that the Primer fam brings with it: sticking around after working out with the awesome talks that go along with it, incorporating Primer moments with (protein) fries, pancakes or a delicious healthy bbq, drinking rosé'kes in Hall 5 and you name it. 

Add to that, Lise's gigantic delicious cooking skills and Florien's over-enthusiastic "wow I've discovered the most amazing brand ever" reactions and you get a concept to be proud of. 

At Primer we breathe entrepreneurship. And preferably together with others. Leuven - and by extension Belgium - is bursting with talent. Just look around and admire all the super cool street art! Giving this talent the stage they deserve is our ultimate goal. That is why you will find a lot of Leuven and Belgian labels at Primer Booty'k. 

Last but not least, what we hold dear is nature. #veganfriendly is our way to go! A lunch and drinks menu that everyone can relate to? You bet your sweet ass we do. A range of products that is human and animal friendly? Absolutely!

This brings us full circle. In the gym we work on our temple and in Booty'k we take care of our temple. 

Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like EP10: Screw It Let's Do It! or EP25: De positieve focues op wat wel nog kan! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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