Sporting in quarantaine, help!

Sports in quarantine.... I can't keep up with the number of options and yet it is SO hard to get ourselves to do it.... why is that anyway?

I don't find an option that suits me? Alone is just alone? I have the discipline for it... Bwa, the quarantine won't last that long either!?

The second wave

In the meantime, we are all clearly beginning to notice that we will be in this situation for a while. According to Maggie, it will be at least another 8 weeks. What's the problem with a standard day and a desk job? Well sitting, whether you want to see it or not, but sitting is the new smoking. Nothing as bad for your body as a sedentary job and the accompanying lack of exercise.

The standard day and that's counting outside of COVID-19 forces almost all of us to "move" to work, but now that physical movement is also falling away. Staying in motion is more important than ever, you hear it from all sides and realize it yourself somewhere. 

Yet a large group among us (including myself) finds it very difficult to keep moving... Our days are suddenly so different, we have totally different habits and customs and often a huge lack of structure.

Everything, especially the workout you were 'planning' to do, is put on the back burner because it's just an online thing that you can follow at any time of the day. So what's the solution? LIVE ONLINE WORKOUTS!

Live workouts are THE solution

You follow everything completely online, get live feedback and customized exercises and most importantly.... You bring structure back into your day. Fun, quality workouts and social contact are without a doubt the BIG advantages of our live online workouts. Personally, we often hear that the workouts finally bring back structure in a much too chaotic day.


What you achieve mentally is unimaginable, because you bring structure back into your day. You agree on a fixed moment with a coach and some friends and BAM structure, clarity and a great workout are again part of your (daily) life!

Request your FREE TRY OUT today and bring structure, movement and health back into your day, COME ON!

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Want even more Primer? Be sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP25: De positieve focus op wat wel nog kan! Or EP35: De Dag voor de nieuwe outdoor versoepelingen, komop! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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