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A little anecdote from the Primer

Some time ago, someone walked in for the first time here at the Primer, she was interested in the Power Pop Ups. She actually wanted to join right away when she walked in, but wasn't sure if that was easy to do.

Primer wouldn't be Primer if we weren't just mega open to it. In other words, it was within the realm of possibility, but suddenly a new challenge popped up. We love challenges, so bring it on. The lady in question had to catch her bus and that was impossible if she took the Booty and had to walk to the Square of England.

Primer to the rescue, the proposal was that she got an elevator in our awesome Strong Bike (we will be giving Power Pop Ups to companies on Tour with this) and could still take part in the Booty! ARE YOU SERIOUS? That says enough I think and so it happened.

Booty popped, then together on the bakfiets towards the Engels Plein. At ease biking to there and meanwhile chat, received a lot of valuable feedback, SUCH! Thanks a lot, high five and good luck on the bus and see you soon.

What happens some time later? The girl takes out a subscription and comes here several times a week to bang. Was the decisive reason the bike ride? It doesn't matter, that's not the moral of the story. Just know that offering extra service within the possibilities is always a positive story. From that moment on, a unique connection was created between her and the Primer, because she experienced something that she can tell a positive story about. That's really just gold! 

If it is within our capabilities, we from Primer will ALWAYS go the extra mile. We absolutely do not save on customer service, never ever.


Some time later, a similar situation. Girl who trains here finishes the Power Pop Up and can't find her bike key. Searched with her, checked everything, found nothing. She had to go to the Capuceinevoer (a good KM from the Primer), but nobody could come and get her... Primer to the rescue, again a wonderful bicycle ride, a wonderful smile and many thanks.

Afterwards we received a message that the key had been found in her own bag (classic) and again a big thank you for the pleasant ride and unique service. Again a great story that we will carry with us forever, ENJOY!

So a very warm call, if you need us & it is within our capabilities, we are absolutely there for you!

Want even more Primer? Make sure to listen to our podcast STERK WERK for similar content like our EP10: Screw it let's do it! See you soon! 

Team Primer

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