Where do I want to exercise instead of must exercise?

1. WELCOME AND UNIQUE SENSE - You don't want to be just another number. It's totally ok if not everyone knows you by name, but the people who teach you/see you regularly need to be engaged in that. Overall, the atmosphere of "hey you're really welcome here" should prevail! If you walk in in a bad mood you should actually get a smile right away and at least walk out with a smile. Is that not the case? You're not gonna stay...

2. PASSION - Nothing is as sexy and inviting as people who are passionate. From the person behind the counter to the teacher, acting with passion is truly a game changer. This must be reflected in the smallest of details. Those people and that place are really going to make a difference for you!

3. POSITIVITY - No matter when and in what mood you walk into the gym or fitness or whatever, you should be immediately showered with positivity. Enthusiasm, a smile, a compliment, a nice word, all things that contribute to a positive atmosphere and experience in the gym. Come into such a place, you will find that 99% of the people carry the same positivity! The few who saw and complained will be naturally filtered out.

4. SERVICE - Everything should be within the realm of possibility, without a doubt. A place where you can go with your own specific question or problem and where they listen, that's a place where you want to stay!

5. OPENESS - Is he talking about opening hours? No, I don't mean that... Open to suggestions, feedback, improvement, but also criticism. An open mind that is receptive and above all ready to effectively observe what is said. All too often we come to places or are with people we want to help in a positive way with feedback. Whether directly or indirectly, if nothing is done with that feedback, it will eventually lead to frustration anyway. So come on, seek out that openness!

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